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UserEasy.com, Software-Academic - Microsoft Academic WINDOWS 2000 ADVANCED SERVER CAL 25C W2K

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Description:Microsoft Academic WINDOWS 2000 ADVANCED SERVER CAL 25C W2K
Vendor Part #:C10-00012

Detailed Description:

Academic Version of Windows Server 2000 25 Client

Key Buying Points Easy to deploy configure and use:
Use the wizards to automatically configure your server setup file, print web, communications, networking and Active Directory Services
Save deployment time by using Sysprep to create an image of a computers hard drive, including the operating system and applications, that you can the duplicate into other computers.
Windows installer monitors applications installations and cleanly performs uninstall/removal tasks.
Plug and play enables the automatic detection and configuration of newly installed hardware components
Configure you network more easily
Dynamic DNS automatically record changes to DNS computer names on the network, thus reducing the need to manually edit and replicate the DNS database
IP-Auto-Configuration delivers a no knowledge network setup capability by configuration IP address automatically
Internet Connection Sharing enables multiple users within small business or workgroups to share a single Internet connection easier
Central IPSec Policy Management makes IP security policies deployable, by eliminating errors prone to manual management in a distributed network.
Administrators can allocate resources, such as network bandwidth, to priority applications.
Flexible Management options:
Centralized Management with Active Directory and group policy
Remote Management, integrated Terminal enables remote server administration from any desktop
Delegate authority to perform specific management tasks via the command line
Consolidate domains enables you to reduce the number of network domains you maintain,
Hierarchical Storage Management
File replication features in DFS ensure access to data stored on network shares
Redundant DHCP
Multiple Nic support

Detailed Requirements:
Windows NT Server
Windows NT Server Version 2000
Processor PENT,133 or greater
RAM (Mbyte) 128
Disk storage space (Mbyte) 4gb
Other hardware CD-ROM,Mouse,VGA color,NIC

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Package Height 2.25 Inches