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UserEasy.com, Software-Academic - ACAD WORD 10.0 FOR MAC

Description:ACAD WORD 10.0 FOR MAC
Manufacturer:MICROSOFT - ACADEMIC (Requires Student/Faculty ID)
Vendor Part #:D48-00246

Detailed Description:

Acad Word 10 for MAc

Key Buying Points Word X includes components such as toolbars and navigation buttons that are redesigned for greater readability and to help you quickly move from one feature to the next.
New icons have been added, using anti-aliased graphics for a cleaner appearance, and these icons have Aqua-enabled mouse-overs for enhanced usability. And just like Mac OS X, Word X uses animation to improve discoverability.
100 Percent Compatibility with Word 98 Macintosh Edition, Word 2001 for Mac, and Word for Windows (97, 2000, and XP).
Multi-Selection enables users to command-click multiple selections of text within a Word X document and apply formatting, spelling, searching or any other operation to the chosen selections.
Clear Formatting in Word X provides users with a simple tool that will remove an open document's formatting.
Word X provides the power to create stunning graphics by allowing users to set a specific percentage of transparency to any drawing or shape available in Office Art.
Critical contact information from the Office Address Book is accessible directly from Word X's Contact toolbar, making common tasks such as addressing a letter much simpler.

System & Other Requirements Power Mac G3 or G4, iMac, PowerBook G3 or G4, or iBook computer.
128 MB of RAM.
160 MB of available hard-disk space for drag-and-drop install; 75 MB for a minimum custom install.
CD-ROM drive (or connection to a local area network if installing over a network).
Monitor or display supporting thousands of colors, with 640 x 480 or higher resolution.
Mac OS X version 10.1 or higher.

Pallet Qty 400

Case Pack Qty 0

Shippable Carton Flag N

Package Length 9 Inches

Package Width 6 Inches

Package Height 3 Inches