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Grand Rapids Computer Service & Repair

Below is a list of the popular computer repair services we find our Grand Rapids area customers find most valuable:

Spyware Removal

We use advanced spyware removal tools, techniques and a combined technical knowledge of over 4 decades. Our expertise with malware, spyware, virus removal and Operating Systems gives you the advantage of having your computer cleaned right the first time. No need to worry about data loss or having to reload all your software except in very rare and extreme cases of infection. Your computer will run faster once cleaned and optimized by our technicians... guaranteed!


"I was going to have someone else fix my computer, but they said they would have to reload all my software and settings from scratch from the original disks. You guys saved all my stuff and saved me the headache of having to reload all my software. Thanks so much!" - Evan

Virus Protection

Consumers, businesses and even Mac users need protection against hackers and virus attack. Our security experts will help you choose the right mix of computer security for your various computer needs.

Businesses like our centrally managed Virus Protection suites because they offer advances protection and added value such as:

  • Virus protection settings based on groups
  • Application installation blocking for select computers
  • Operating System lockdown rules
  • Internet Explorer tamper protection
  • Central dashboard of all computer and server virus protection statuses
  • Email alerts and threat notification
  • Spam filtering and preventing

Quickbooks Protection

Content and Website Filtering

  • Blocks unwanted web sites for all or certain users
  • Filters certain categories of unwanted content such as gambling sites, porn sites, etc.
  • PC Lockdown rules by
  • Individual site blocking or exception by URL
  • Content protection by hour allows full access during lunch breaks but limited access during work hours
  • Prevents personal facebook during business hours if you so choose!

See what solution we can bring your business and increase productivity and internet speed overnight!

Memory Upgrades

One of the most affordable upgrades in a tough economy is to upgrade the memory on your PC. We carry memory from quality manufacturers such as Kingston, Crucial and others. If your PC has low memory, we can get your PC upgraded and optimized to run up to 5 times faster!

Operating System Upgrades

Windows 7 is here and it provides amazing benefits to users and businesses.

  • Advanced graphics and user interface
  • Best system protection and security of all Windows Operating Systems
  • Built-in virtualization (run Windows XP programs in a separate "virtual" machine from inside Windows 7 Pro)
  • 64-bit computing
  • Higher memory support or 16GB or more (Windows XP 32-bit only supports up to a maximum of 4GB)

Hard Drive Replacements

Getting tight on space? We can transfer all of your programs and data to a new hard drive to increase storage capacity and speed. We also offer data destruction services to ensure that data from your old drive doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

UserEasy Computer Systems was founded in 1991 as a computer company specializing in providing and developing easy to use software and business systems. Since that time, UserEasy has grown to include servicing, selling and supporting networked systems, hardware, security and software solutions, computer systems. We continue to inovate in the area of software automation, databases applications and designing web/eCommerce sites. We've been "making computers work for companies- since 1991" and are focused on tackling your IT challenges and continuing to overcome them in order to make your job easier. Our service and support is second to none in quality, value and concern for each customer.

Let us make your computer, "work for you"!


Other Computer Services

  • Remote Support: Connect with a UserEasy tech for fast online support
  • Computer Systems: Custom-built PCs, workstations, servers - upgradable, reliable, affordable
  • Database and application programming: Windows and DOS, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Front-ends and Data Servers
  • Web page development: e-commerce, secure shopping, CGI, CSS, Java, multimedia (RealAudio, Windows Media, Flash)
  • Training: Applications, Classroom, Lab and Onsite Training
  • Local and Offsite Backups: Secure your data by storing it offsite in case of disaster. Meet local, regional, HIPAA and other regulatory agency requirements.

Click here to request pricing and availability, or call our sales line at 1-616-458-5568 Monday through Friday.


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